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Phone Tech Support : Avaya Lucent

  • Surfside Telecommunications - Installation of lucent phone systems, programming on partner, legend and definity systems, remote programming on merlin legend systems, on phone support, voice mail installation and programming,cat 3 and cat 5 wiring in the Myrtle Beach area. 843-421-6465 pop (Added: 2-May-2001 Hits: 2503 Rating: 6.20 Votes: 5) Rate It

Phone Tech Support : Comdial

Phone Tech Support : Inter-Tel

  • DNR Communications - Programming on most models of Telephone Systems, either remotely or on site. Specializing in Inter-Tel. 972-496-5210 pop (Added: 16-Oct-2003 Hits: 2394 Rating: 6.00 Votes: 7) Rate It

Phone Tech Support : Mitel

Phone Tech Support : NEC

Phone Tech Support : Norstar

  • - Norster phone support-Remote configuration, support & Password recovery for Norstar systems. 5:30pm-11:00pm CST Mon-Fri 402-650-9675 pop (Added: 14-Jun-2005 Hits: 1602 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Phone Tech Support : Panasonic

Phone Tech Support : Telrad

  • All Types Phone Service - On line programming or over the phone programming for Telrad, Lucent, Comdial and more. 801-562-5576 pop (Added: 2-Jan-2001 Hits: 3554 Rating: 7.81 Votes: 16) Rate It
  • One Ring Telecom - Offering Remote programming and Tech Support on Telrad (Digital systems IVM, ImaGen, and EmaGen Voicemail systems) and Toshiba (DK systems and Stratagy Voicemails) 863-709-0066 pop (Added: 3-Dec-2002 Hits: 2143 Rating: 4.88 Votes: 8) Rate It

Phone Tech Support : Toshiba

  • Finger Lakes Telecom - Toshiba phone support 7am-10pm Toshiba DK, CTX, VoIP, Stratagy Voice Mail, ES, iES32 863-248-1167/C-813-967-0205 pop (Added: 7-Jun-2005 Hits: 1864 Rating: 8.00 Votes: 5) Rate It

Phone Tech Support : Vodavi

Solution Providers

  • 800 Voice Mail Store - Provider of nationwide toll free services with enhanced voice mail and virtual office solutions. Source for information and resources relating to 800 Voice Mail. pop (Added: 16-Sep-2002 Hits: 1603 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It
  • Voiceplus Communications - Atlanta voice mail services that include Live Connect, Virtual Office, and Virtual PBX. pop (Added: 16-Sep-2002 Hits: 1610 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • 1Delray Technologies - Sales, service and installation of CISCO VOIP, Nortel Meridian, BCM and Norstar. Structured cabling solutions CAT5e COAX, FIBER. LAN/WAN. 201-433-3870 pop (Added: 20-Feb-2006 Hits: 1709 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Tech Message Board

  • Telephone Tech Bulletin Board - Questions and Answers about telephone and computer installation, programming, networking and a place to find qualified technical phone system help and technicians, registration required to post questions. pop (Added: 15-Mar-2001 Hits: 8328 Rating: 7.84 Votes: 13) Rate It

Telecom Resources

  • Telephone Vendors - Telecommunication sites from ODP. Open Directory Project pop (Added: 26-Oct-2003 Hits: 1908 Rating: 2.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Telephone Accessories : Headsets

  • Plantronics Headsets - Plantronics telephone headset specialist. Source for cordless, office and call center headsets, Plantronics accessories and more. 800-333-0020 pop (Added: 25-Jul-2003 Hits: 2364 Rating: 2.29 Votes: 7) Rate It
  • Buy Two-Way Radios - Offers low prices on FRS and GMRS two way radios and accessories from all major manufacturers including Audiovox, Cobra, Kenwood, Midland, Motorola and Uniden. 800-559-8631 pop (Added: 14-Oct-2004 Hits: 1649 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Telephone Accessories : Labels

  • American Poster - Telephone desi's, plastics and labels made to fit for business phones. 903-322-3554 pop (Added: 08-Jul-2005 Hits: 3956 Rating: 3.67 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • Overtech Print Inc. - Overtech Inc. makes made to fit designation strips and plastic overlays for all types of telephones. We also do hotel custom jobs as well. 719-634-5781 pop (Added: 17-Sep-2007 Hits: 1509 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Telephone Accessories : Manuals

  • Telephone Manuals - Providing the largest, most complete and up to date library to the telecommunications industry for key systems, PBX's and voice mail systems covering installation, programming and operations. 770-801-0080 pop (Added: 26-Dec-2000 Hits: 74092 Rating: 5.11 Votes: 40) Rate It
  • Users Guides - Telephone System user guides pop (Added: 23-Feb-2009 Hits: 15387 Rating: 7.35 Votes: 23) Rate It
  • All Types - Tech Center - Private tech center for telephone technicians with resources. pop (Added: 19-Sep-2000 Hits: 61648 Rating: 6.57 Votes: 72) Rate It
  • Telephone Manuals - Instantly download Telephone System Manuals and User Guides. Programming Instructions and product brochures. Over 70 Manufacturers and 5000+ manuals. pop (Added: 11-Feb-2008 Hits: 23782 Rating: 6.20 Votes: 41) Rate It

Telephone Accessories : Music-on-Hold

  • Never Alone On Hold - Customized telephone on-hold messaging blended with licensed music. We sell specialized announcing equipment and we custom record voice prompts, auto attendant and on hold messages. Digital studios. Fast turnarounds servicing North America. Toll Free 888-886-9571 pop (Added: 10-Jul-2001 Hits: 2102 Rating: 7.41 Votes: 12) Rate It

Telephone Accessories : Office Supplies

  • Business Telephones - Selling Telrad, Lucent, Avaya, Nortel, Norstar, Comdial, Nec, Inter-tel, Vodavi telephones, phones and other phone equipment. pop (Added: 22-Feb-2005 Hits: 1919 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) Rate It

Telephone Equipment Suppliers

  • Business Phones - Refurbished business phones and equipment for Comdial, Inter-tel, Telrad, Executone, Vodavi, Lucent, Avaya business telephone systems. pop (Added: 18-Aug-2001 Hits: 5426 Rating: 16.80 Votes: 439) Rate It
  • Trillium Phones - Trillium phones, telephones and cards for the Trillium phone systems. pop (Added: 3-May-2002 Hits: 4965 Rating: 13.31 Votes: 304) Rate It
  • Norstar Telephones - Norstar telephones, phones and cards for the Norstar CICS and MICS phone system, along with other Nortel Meridian telephones and phone system cards. pop (Added: 14-Mar-2003 Hits: 5489 Rating: 14.96 Votes: 339) Rate It
  • Comdial Phones - Comdial phones, telephones and cards for the Comdial dxp, dxp plus and other Comdial phone systems. pop (Added: 5-Aug-2003 Hits: 5534 Rating: 14.57 Votes: 332) Rate It
  • Executone Phones - Executone phones, telephones and cards for most all the Executone phone systems. pop (Added: 5-Aug-2003 Hits: 5681 Rating: 14.98 Votes: 346) Rate It
  • Avaya Phones - Avaya Partner phones, telephones and cards for the Avaya Partner phone systems along with Merlin telephones, phones and cards. pop (Added: 5-Aug-2003 Hits: 5544 Rating: 15.35 Votes: 330) Rate It
  • Inter-tel Phones - Inter-tel phones, telephones and cards for the Inter-tel axxess, premier and other Inter-tel phone systems. pop (Added: 5-Aug-2003 Hits: 5737 Rating: 15.10 Votes: 358) Rate It
  • Telrad Phones - Telrad phones, telephones and card for the Telrad digital phone system and the Telrad KeyBX phone systems. pop (Added: 5-Aug-2003 Hits: 5606 Rating: 15.25 Votes: 370) Rate It
  • Mitel Phones - Mitel phones, telephones and cards for most of the Mitel phone systems. pop (Added: 17-Sep-2003 Hits: 6244 Rating: 16.04 Votes: 400) Rate It
  • Toshiba Phones - Toshiba phones, telephones and cards for most Toshiba telephone systems. pop (Added: 17-Sep-2003 Hits: 6568 Rating: 16.07 Votes: 410) Rate It
  • Vodavi Phones - Vodavi phones, telephones and cards for most of the Vodavi phone systems. pop (Added: 2-Oct-2003 Hits: 5348 Rating: 15.75 Votes: 380) Rate It
  • Nec Phones - Nec phones, telephones and cards for the Nec phone systems. pop (Added: 5-Feb-2003 Hits: 5688 Rating: 14.91 Votes: 331) Rate It
  • Norstar Phones - Norstar phones, telephones and cards for the Norstar telephone system. pop (Added: 30-Mar-2004 Hits: 4477 Rating: 13.20 Votes: 110) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Alabama : Birmingham

  • Maverick Communication LLC - Covering North and Central Alabama. Dealing in several lines, most notably, Nortel and Lucent/Avaya. Our customers are assured of receiving the best product the market has to offer. 205-942-0350 pop (Added: 15-Dec-2000 Hits: 2109 Rating: 1.00 Votes: 1) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Arizona : Phoenix

  • Teleco of Phoenix - Teleco of Phoenix services companies throughout the state of Arizona and nationwide, offering communication products like ShoreTel, Toshiba, NEC, and Zultys. 480-941-8280 pop (Added: 27-Dec-2000 Hits: 1825 Rating: 8.33 Votes: 14) Rate It
  • Ken Wier Telecom - Sales, service and installation of business telephone and voice mail systems including Nortel in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding vicinity. 602-896-9200 pop (Added: 30-Mar-2004 Hits: 1692 Rating: 8.18 Votes: 37) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Arizona : Tempe

  • Telco Phoenix - Sales and service in and around the Phoenix area. Specializing in Toshiba Strata CTX and CIX and the NEC Electra Elite IPK systems also installing data wiring. 480-941-8280, toll free 800-308-9930 pop (Added: 29-Jan-2002 Hits: 1922 Rating: 3 Votes: 15) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : California : Irvine

  • Albright Communications - Servicing all of Southern California. Install and program all telephone systems including Northern Telecom, Comdial, Executone, Vodavi, Toshiba, Inter-tel and Panasonic as well as all Voice-Mail systems. The best service for the best price! 949-551-8621 pop (Added: 17-Dec-2000 Hits: 1577 Rating: 8.50 Votes: 6) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : California : Oakland

  • Logic Communications - Covering the San Francisco Bay area, Servicing Lucent, Norstar, Vodavi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Trillium and most others. 510-834-1118 pop (Added: 16-Dec-2000 Hits: 1709 Rating: 9.15 Votes: 70) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : California : San Diego

  • Business Communication Specialists, Inc. - Providing quality service for Southern California for over 20 years. Authorized Vodavi, Avaya, NEC, Tadiran and Panasonic Dealers and certified technicians for Vodavi, Nec, Mitel, Lucent, Panasonic, Toshiba, Nortel, Intertel, Amanda, Key Voice, Active Voice, VSR, Networks, Phone Systems and Voice Mail. 24/7 service response. 858-679-3800 pop (Added: 26-Mar-2002 Hits: 1822 Rating: 6.34 Votes: 9) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : California : San Francisco

  • Telenet Solutions - Covering San Francisco and the Bay Area also Pacifica, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo, Redwood City, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, San Rafael and Richmond. Specializes in installation, and service of affordable business telephone systems, PBX systems, PC based communication servers, auto attendants and voicemail systems including Panasonic, Lucent, Avaya, Vodavi, Nortel (Northern Telecom), Altigen as well as most others. 415-671-0971 pop (Added: 20-Jan-2001 Hits: 1845 Rating: 4.51 Votes: 8) Rate It
  • Tel the Sky Communications - San Francisco Bay Area Metro, Voice and data cable installation. Phone sytems installed, programmed, adds moves and changes. Jacks for business or home installed. Flat rates. 415-821-2065 pop (Added: 23-Jan-2001 Hits: 1518 Rating: 2.33 Votes: 3) Rate It
  • Synertel - Traditional and IP-based Telephony CTI, unified messaging. Specializing in Toshiba, NEC, Active Voice, Sonicwall and Adtran also Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic and more. Serving with-in 100 miles of San Francisco. 415- 970-0100 pop (Added: 30-Jan-2002 Hits: 3322 Rating: 4.37 Votes: 16) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Florida : Clearwater

  • Accurate Telecom, Inc. - Sell, service and install business telephone systems including Panasonic, Norstar, Avaya, some Comdial, Vodavi and Tadiran. Also installing and servicing Voice and Data cabling. 727-532-4400 pop (Added: 17-Dec-2000 Hits: 1709 Rating: 8.20 Votes: 5) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Florida : Orlando

  • TeleCommunication Professionals - We install and service Avaya, AT&T, Lucent, Comdial, Inter-Tel, Prostar, Macrotel, Norstar, Panasonic, Premier, Tadiran Coral, TIE, Toshiba, Samsung and Vodavi. pop (Added: 13-Mar-2002 Hits: 1748 Rating: 4.88 Votes: 8) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Iowa : Davenport

  • Mid-America Communications - Serving Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois,Bussiness telephone sales, service and installation of Nortel/NT (Meridian), AVAYA/Lucent/AT&T, Comdial, SW Bell, Toshiba, Panasonic...most brands...Voice, Data, Copmuter, Fiber, CCTV and Payphones. 563-388-6777 pop (Added: 13-Feb-2001 Hits: 1516 Rating: 9.12 Votes: 63) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Nevada : Las Vegas

  • Nevada Comm - Nev-Comm: Family owned and operated with over 25 years of communications experience. Specializing in Avaya IP Office / Partner ACS; Allworx 24x / 6x; Nortel Nortsar / BCM; Toshiba, Inter-Tel. Voice and Data Cabling, Voice Mail and VoIP Telephony. 702-320-2800 toll free 800-339-6741 pop (Added: 9-Sep-2002 Hits: 1526 Rating: 9.84 Votes: 520) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : New York : New York City

  • ACS Communications - Nortel Meridian Norstar telephone and Avaya Partner ACS phone system installation service and maintenance in Manhattan NYC, New York City. Certified technicians provide prompt courteous service. 718-499-7800 pop (Added: 26-Apr-2005 Hits: 1996 Rating: 6.12 Votes: 34) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Texas : Dallas

  • Executive Telecom and Data Services, Inc. - Covering Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Servicing Nortel, Executone Isoetec, Lucent and NEC. 214-741-3837 or Humble 281-441-4344 pop (Added: 22-Dec-2000 Hits: 2043 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 6) Rate It
  • QuickTel Communications - Servicing Telrad,Toshiba, Nortel Meridian, Tadiran, Mitel, 3COM, Nitsuko, Comdial, Lucent, Panasonic, Samsung, NEC, AT&T, Walker, Isoetec, Executone and TIE. Serving the Dallas and Ft.Worth metroplex. 972-993-2021 pop (Added: 28-Mar-2001 Hits: 2045 Rating: 5.50 Votes: 2) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Texas : Houston

  • A-1 Voice & Data - In business since 1982 servicing Houston and the surrounding areas on Panasonic, Norstar, ESI, Computer support, Network Adiministration and more. 713-334-2044 pop (Added: 22-Dec-2000 Hits: 2014 Rating: 5.85 Votes: 13) Rate It

Telephone Installers : United States : Utah : West Jordan

  • All Types Phone Service - Sales service and installation for Salt Lake City , Provo, Park City, Ogden and The Wasatch Front. AT&T, Comdial, Lucent, Vodavi, Toshiba, Inter-Tel, Telrad. Cat 5, network wiring. 801-562-5576 pop (Added: 14-Dec-2000 Hits: 2161 Rating: 6.59 Votes: 77) Rate It


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