Chris Richard. I'm from Manchester, New Hampshire and I am now a moderator of the 1A2/Comkey forum. I collect and restore vintage and antique telephones, and thoroughly enjoy my hobby. I have a 1A2 system set up in my home that I try to use as often as I can. I've always been fascinated by these electromechanical systems and their simultaneously simple and complex components. I learn through experimentation and through the help of other members on this forum and never dreamed I'd have the knowledge I now possess. I work for myself as a private contractor, specializing in electrical, communication and data systems for residential and small business. I'm also a sort of jack of all trades, with experience in framing, plumbing, vinyl siding, and a host of other home remodeling tasks. I also enjoy working on cars on the side and wrenching on small engines such as generators, snowblowers, lawnmowers and similar things. Some of my hobbies include electronics repair, working on computers, tinkering and fixing anything mechanical, collecting vinyl records, antiques, and other oddities. I also have a more modern Partner ACS system in my home that has taught me a great deal. Integrating the ACS with the 1A2 is a never ending adventure for me, and I love coming up with creative solutions. Since I think 1A2 has shifted from being a mainstream system to more of a niche collectors system, I think I'll have a lot to offer the forum.